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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Today's quick draw challenge

As you may or may not know every Tuesday I hold a little drawing challenge on here from 10am (or thereabouts) for myself and any other lovely art folks who would like to take part. It works thus:
A thing/object/item is selected at random by a 'random word generator' for me/us to draw and there are 3 rules which must be taken into account before drawing can start:
1. You must draw without any external visual reference, so from mental reference only.
2. You must draw it in a time limit of five minutes.
3. You must draw it in pen straight off. So no drawing in pencil and then tracing over the line.

I will then draw that thing/object/item and if any of you would like to enter you can send me a photo or scan of your drawing as a JPEG image either by email to lucyfarfort@yahoo.com or comment on the post with a link to your drawing that I can download from the internet. Or if you wish you can tweet me a link to the pic on Twitter.
I'll then post all the submissions at the end of the day for the world to see, normally around 5-6pm (UK time).  No prizes, its just for fun.

Today's word is
TENNIS - shame its not quite the weather for it yet...well not in England anyway.

Hope a few of you will be able to take part, look forward to seeing some entries.

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