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Friday, 24 February 2012


Yawn and stretch....
Dragging my carcass out from under the warm duvet this week has been particularly difficult this week. Its possibly due to a cold that i can't shift or perhaps working too hard - but more likely a love of my bed.
These days bedtime is definitely my fave time of day. So as you've already guessed no doubt, this Folksy Friday is dedicated to all things sleep inspired.

Luscious lavendar sleep pillows by Suzie & Me & super cute sleep mask from Hotch Potch

Two lovely mugs one by Julia Davey & one from Julia Smith, suitable for pre-bed horlicks.

Beautiful 'Bedtime Story' print by Victoria Brook & cosy hot-water bottle case by Selvage

Cloud sweet dreamer pack from Rustic Kitsch and dreamy art from Claire Barone

Thats all for this week. Hope you have a happy Friday and an equally happy weekend.
Is it bedtime yet?


  1. Love the sleep masks great idea

  2. Thanks Lucy they all look lovely together thanks for including me xx

  3. Thanks for including me.

    The blog looks great. I've just joined facebook and offering 10% discount to anybody who "likes" me on there.

  4. Ooo great thanks for the shout.

  5. thanks for featuring my sleep masks, its always lovely when someone appreciates your work.
    Have a great weekend
    : )

  6. what a lovely bloghmm fancy a hot choc now x