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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

From Tip to Top

As drawing is out at least for a little bit, while I give my right wrist some down time to recover from the tendonitis, i’ve been getting on with some other overdue tasks.
For far too long now my work room, or box as it should more aptly be known, has resembled a dusty, thread filled, bomb site.
Given that it is from this little sanctuary where my illustrations and handmade creations are sparked into life, I felt I should really give it the attention it deserves and tidy the thing up.
Therefore after many well meaning promises to myself, to get on it, i’ve now done the deed. To my surprise there is actually space to move around now - albeit two steps in either direction, its a damn sight better than tripping over boxes and trailing floor thread all over the house.
I had the irrepressible urge to document this mammoth task in a cliched before and after stylee, so here it is:

BEFORE check out the desk and how I’ve cunningly shifted the mess into piles around the table edges allowing a small clearing in the middle from where I can draw. NICE!

AFTER Ta da!! Now lets see how long this tidy room lasts.


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  2. It looks like a lovely space to work in, I like your fabric organiser :-)

  3. Its small but it does the trick. I'm lucky to have a space so i can't complain :)
    I think the fabric organiser thing was about £10 in wilkinsons - bargain!

  4. Wow, what a transformation! I'm so ashamed of my studio space after seeing that!

  5. Yeah it certainly took a while to sort. Don't be ashamed mine has been like that for over a year :/