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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Folksy Friday - A gift for mum

With Mother's day just round the corner it seems fitting to theme today's FF post on this.
Most of you reading this will be well aware from my blog post here, that I lost my mum fairly recently. I knew that there would be particular days/events like mother's day and my mum's birthday, Christmas (in particular Boxing Day, now for me the anniversary of her death), when the loss would be harder to bear for obvious reasons. So I thought rather than lamenting this occasion I would instead pick 8 gifts/cards which I know mum would have loved to have received as today's Folksy showcase, and here they are:

That just leaves me to say Happy Mother's day for Sunday to all the mums past and present and all the mums to be!


  1. Love the idea of choosing to celebrate what could otherwise be such a hard day. Mum's are so precious - thank you for the reminder not to take mine for granted (not that I do, ahem ;) x

  2. Haha i think we all do that a little bit :) Glad you liked the post

  3. A lovely post with a wonderful selection.
    I lost my mother when I was 18 and more recently my Mother in Law so I know how you feel.
    It`s good to celebrate their lives even though we miss them.


  4. So lovely to remember your mum this way :-) Thank you for including my necklace, it's a real honour.

    Alison x