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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Under a month to go!

Sorry for the lack of blogging i've just not had a chance to even think these last few weeks as i've got a ton of work on and the 6th July wedding is drawing ever closer. Of course... I have inevitable made a rod for my own back because I couldn't resist making most of the wedding stuff myself and thus now i am pulling my hair out.
I'm afraid to say that i very much doubt i will have anytime for blogging in the next month, until after the wedding. So the next time you hear from me I may be a Mrs...gulp.
In the meantime i want to share with you a little design i have just finished for the cover of our mini festival wedding programme -

I'm looking forward to blogging about all the other stuff I made for 'Wedstock' after the event, but for now as we're trying to keep a lot of things secret its all on the QT.
Just before i go there is one thing which i'm particularly excited about, which although i can't show you I can tell you a bit about, and thats the wedding favours.
All i'll say is that my very good friend Helen is making the favours as a gift. Helen is an uber talented professional Chocolatier who supplies for Fortum and Mason in London. This is her site: http://www.white-fox.co.uk/
Go check it out now it is absolutely amazing. Have a good look at her stuff & prepare to be wowed... and yes those socks are chocolate!