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Thursday, 12 August 2010

I'm still here

Howdy friends.
I've been slacking off in my blogging activities recently as i'm in the process of making up a big wholesale order of stock for a craft shop.
Which is great, but if i have to make another glasses case i think i may lose the will to live!
Ha ha, no its not all that bad really, but i needed a break from the making so decided to create some party invitations for some respite. Yeah i know, its not exactly a break from the making, but its not sewing.
Sew, (puns ahoy)... here they are (front & back):

I'll be selling these little babies at the Made In Newcastle Shop, 22 Nun, City Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Only £4.50 for ten invitations with envelopes, that's only 45p each - BARGAIN!

So if you're having a birthday bash, a summer garden party or celebrating your new home, these are for you. No one will be able to resist your invitation when you send out one of these little babies.

Hopefully once i've finished slaving away at my sewing machine and got the order finished, i'll get a chance to make up a couple more packs for my website or Folksy shop. I the mean time though if you want to grab a pack please feel free to request by email - lucyfarfort@yahoo.com

Bye for now!