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Friday, 27 July 2012

Sports Free Folksy Friday (& answer to last week's post)

Aahh crap!! Epic fail as the kids would say. It appears that last week's 'guess the theme' post was entirely unsuccessful, which looking back at my explanation of how the game worked was fairly understandable.
I didn't get a single answer from anyone and when i tried it on the other half the expression on his face was beyond blank, so i think i'll pass that first one off as a trial run.

Okay so the theme and overall answer was Films. 'How?' I hear you scream:
Set 1 answer = 4 Weddings and a Funeral
Set 2 answer = Planes, trains and Automobiles
Set 3 answer = The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Set 4 answer =  Clockwork Orange

Perhaps it would have been easier if i had advised people to visit the image link for a clue as to what the pic represented and maybe if i started with the last one first. Hindsight and all that.
Anyway maybe i'll try another one on you when i get time.

Reet back to business then & today i've done a straight Folksy Friday post.
I don't know if you've noticed but there is this thing happening called the Olympics. Haha off course you have, you can't miss the flipping thing its everywhere.
Well to be a total cynical, miserable git i'm dedicating my FF post today to the antithesis of sport.

Sit back and put your feet up:

Down with sport, up with laziness!

Why not grab a beer, but don’t walk to the fridge too fast though or it may count as exercise.

Watch some t.v. (no Olym***s allowed)

After all that hard work you’ll need some fuel. Time for a snack:

or two:

Phew its all too much i need a lie down.

Erm...... what time is the opening ceremony again? ;)


  1. ha! i'm deffo on the anti-olympics team! thanks for including my 'toast snack of champions' print. x x x x

  2. Ha ha! I love the Olympics but I also love all of these things. I really want the test card badge, I have a resin ring with that image in it.

    Jo (stellamystar)

    1. Thank you, I made it and its for sale in my Folksy shop along with a super cute Batman and Robin and Sooty and Sweep TV badge. You can check them out here! http://folksy.com/items/3044038-Testcard-TV-Badge

  3. It`s brilliant! I`m not a sports fan at all, regardless of the occasion. well done.


  4. Hey Lucy, like the post and thanks for including my 'mind the bugs dont bite' lav bag! I'll be watching the opening ceremony and that's about it I think :)

  5. Love that notebook

  6. PERFECT!! Thanks for including my recycled beer mat Hobgoblin notebook!!

    I create a Facebook Friday each week from people's work who I follow on FB... Ironically (because you've included me in this collection) I curated an Olympic handmade themed collection this week at: www.facebook.com/MintToBeUK if you want a peek. If you want me to follow you, scribble on my wall.

    I'll share this collection on there too and Tweet. I love the Olympics, but totally undertand those who don;t and your comments really made me smile as you linked one item to another. Genius!

    Thanks again for including me - Caroline - Mint To Be Stationery

  7. Thank you for including an item from my Folksy shop. Whatever you are doing tonight i wish you love xxx

  8. Thank everyone for all your comments. I did watch the opening ceremony had to be done really and it was pretty good. Especially like the bit when Team GB came out and the camera focused on the Queen, who looked completely bored and was distracted by a hang nail or something - haha!
    But cynicism aside i did enjoy it :)

  9. Brilliant Lucy - I did watch the opening ceremony and will probably have it on endlessly - but that's just so this ex-pat can get a little Brit fix, and now I can go back to the couch xx

  10. Hi Caroline yes i am on Facebook my page is here: www.facebook.com/LucyFarfortIllustrator

    Are you on Facebook?

    Hi Janet, thats understandable :)

  11. Lucy - gotcha, thanks - will follow in a mo.

    I'm here: www.facebook.com/MintToBeUK and you'll see my Olympic Facebook Friday there too!

    Caroline - MInt To Be Stationery