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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

From start to finish

On several occasions people have asked me how i create my illustrations. I'll always make a point to state that my work starts off as a hand drawing, because i think many people understandably imagine that it is digitally drawn using Adobe Illustrator or another such programme.
The truth is it would probably be a LOT easier if i produced work in this way, but the process i use naturally developed over time and now i'm too stuck in my ways to try something else.
Perhaps it stems from the many years of kicking against graphic software packages, before i realised that if I didn't take the step to use these new fangled technologies, I would quickly get left behind. Therefore it is only after I have the initial pencil drawing on paper that my illustrations move on screen to begin their digital life.
I thought i'd write a post to give people an insight into the process and some current work i'm producing for a competition conveys this process well.

Initial hand drawing (pencil on A4 paper):

Hand traced drawing in black fine liner. At this stage I will scan the image into Photoshop:

Following a long laborious process of essentially refining the scanned line and drawing with the mouse (which is what gave me tendonitis) it looks something like this:

Once I have the black outline exactly as I want it which can take between 3 - 8 hours (yikes!) depending on level of detail/size of illustration, i'll start adding colour and then move onto pattern and texture. Then lastly i'll add in the shading. The final illustration looks like this:

So now you know. Its a really long old process and i'm guessing not the most efficient, but the result is worth it (most of the time).

Thankfully i'm going on holiday tomorrow for 5 days, so i'll get a rest from slaving away on the Mac for a while. I absolutely can't wait to have a break, seeing as Christmas was the last time i had time off. WOO HOO!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Illustration Giveaway - we have a winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my blog giveaway. All the names were put into a hat, Dave's sweaty cap to be precise (as that was all I had to hand) and a name was chosen.

The lucky winner is Carol, out of, off of Orange Bird Studio. Congratulations. I will be in touch shortly to find out which illustration print you would like from the following: Resting Place (purple or yellow version), Robot Love, The Classics, Whale and Me, Love Bird, The Journey, Tree House Retreat (autumn or summer version), Craft Is Sweet, Jelly Loves Ice Cream, Home Sweet Home or Bunny Balloon Ride.

Thanks again.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Folksy Friday - What Makes England Great

Cripes what a week! After all the chaos this week i want to dedicate this post to something I hold close to my heart and I feel others should too that being multiculturalism and diversity.
I know everyone has their own opinions about the causes of riots and i don't want to get into any political debates as I feel like i've ranted enough for quite a while. However i'm concerned that these riots will lead to bigoted people pointing fingers at the black community & other ethnic communities as one of the causes of these awful events - which is bull. They will inevitably add fuel to the fires of those who are just waiting for an excuse to crack open their big box of racism and hate. I'm sure the EDL and other such fascist/racist organisations will be lapping this up.

One of the best things about England, if not THE best thing is its mixed and culturally diverse society. It makes this little Island more vibrant and allows us to take the best bits of all the different cultures and produce great things. This Folksy Friday is about celebrating that.

1. My first find today is this gorgeous snap clutch bag from the Urban Knit Shop. Sure to catch an envious look from your girl friends on a night out:

2. No the summer isn't over yet! Check out this beautiful 'Summer Breeze' bead necklace from the Jova shop. Stunning and very tempting.
Large image

3. This original painting of a Geisha from Japan Corner is lovely and its only £22. For some gorgeous original artwork thats a snip!

Large image

4. I love the colour and pattern on these matching pendant and earring set from Ama Attea. This is another bargain find at £8!

Large image

5. One of the things that really caught my eye is this unusual and wonderful piece of pewter artwork. Its so unique and i've certainly never seen anything like this before. Beautiful!

Large image

6. I have fallen in love with this charming ring which i found in the Chikako jewellery shop. The colours are captivating. Unfortunately the seller is away on holiday so you'll have to wait until they return to get your hands on it :)

Large image

7. Next is this fabulous cushion available from Batik Batik is awesome. The fabric is amazing don't you think?

Large image

8. It took me a while decide between these earrings from Flair Creations or the heart ones also for sale in her shop, which are ace too. You'll just have to take a look in the shop to see what i mean.

Large image

9. This rose hair clip by Yoossi Petite is beautiful and i wanted to buy it to take on holiday with me but unfortunately this seller is away too. Oh well, lets see if i have any money left when i come back.

Well thats all. Lets embrace the wonderful vibrancy of England and celebrate diversity in all its forms.
Happy Friday. x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Folksy Friday - Columbus eat your heart out

Today I am going to be a theme thief because the FF post is all about exploration and this is also one half of the theme for the next issue of Novel magazine and that is where I got the idea from.
I've been working on a new illustration for the next issue of Novel magazine most of this week, so I thought why not tie that in my post today.
I'll also reveal the new illustration for Novel once the said issue is published. Right lets go explore:

1. You can't go trekking without knowing which direction your going in first, well you can but you'll probably get lost, so this lovely little trinket should help:
Large image

2. Whilst exploring the land of Folksy I came across this captivating, original painting for sale in the Cheery Deary shop:

Large image

3. This vintage style, safari print leather camera strap will certainly help you look like an intrepid adventurer. Right where's my safari suit?

Large image

4 .You'll need a Journal to help document your finds so how about one of these lovely classic leather bound journals (they're so fab I couldn't decide between them). This one from Susan Green Books:
Large image

or this available at Earthworks Journals:

Large image

5. I love this unique map covered toy chest. A great way to stimulate kids imagination - all those wonderful adventures just waiting to be set free from the chest.

Large image

6. To me exploring conjures up images of being in the countryside. Particularly walking and rock climbing, as this is something I love doing. Therefore I've selected this beautiful carved walking stick to assist in getting up those steep trails:

Large image

7. A must for the modern day adventurer is a GPS. I stumbled across a very cute Sat Nav case by pip designs.

Large image

8. My last featured item today is this sweet little trinket box, perfect for storing your cache on return from your adventures. You'll find this in the Aladdin's cave of a Folksy shop 'Zuzu's Petals Altered Art 'n' Stuff'.

Large image

Right friends, lets go adventuring!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Illustration NE Exhibition 2011

Yesterday I went to the launch of the Illustration NE 2011 which i am honored to have my work in. It is the 2nd year of this event organised by designer Laura Cartwright, who has done an absolutely amazing job. The event is being held for a month at Sanctuary Artspace in St Edmunds chapel, Gateshead.
Not only is it a fab exhibition of around 18 artists work, it is also a pop up shop with a variety of the artists work for sale - such as prints cards etc. I'm selling some handmade notebooks, coasters, prints and cards.

After having a look at all the work which is hung salon style and looks brilliant, i had the pleasure of meeting artist and fellow Folksy/Etsian Alicia Yolanda. I love her colourful and fun work which you can check out on her online shop. I bought one of her whale mugs from the launch event as i've been admiring them for a while and it is going to be a great present for my friend's a birthday. I also met illustrator Katie Chappel and couldn't resist getting a card with her cute Mexican Axolotl illustration on:

Here are a few pics from the launch so you can take a look at the salon style art hanging which i think really makes the work look stunning and sets off the chapel walls nicely.

Thanks Laura for organising such a fab event and giving me the opportunity to take part.