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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Quick Draw Tuesday (sorry its late)

Oh dear i completely forgot about the quick draw challenge today. Sorry folks!
Never mind there is still time so lets get to it.
Once again if you don't know already then heres what its all about:
Every Tuesday at 10am (unless like today, when i forget) i'll announce a thing/object/item to draw, which has been selected at random by a 'random word generator' - so even I won't know the subject matter until a few minutes before.
I will then draw that thing/object/item and if any of you lovely folks wish to take part, you can also draw it and send it to me as a JPEG image either by email to lucyfarfort@yahoo.com or comment on the post with a link to your drawing that I can download from the internet.
I'll then post all the submissions at the end of the day for the world to see, normally around 5pm (UK time).  No prizes, its just for kicks.

If you want to take part there are 3 rules:
1. You must draw without any external visual reference, so from mental reference only.
2. You must draw it in a time limit of five minutes.
3. You must draw it in pen straight off. So no drawing in pencil and then tracing over the line.

So today's randomly picked object thingy is:


Back later with the result(s) ^__^

1 comment:

  1. Fun challenge, I hope to take part in more :)

    Here's my doodle: