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Friday, 28 February 2014

New Beginnings

I'm writing this post as it seems appropriate given that today is the last day in February and that marks two months left of my day job at Newcastle University, before I make the move to becoming a full time freelance illustrator.
As I sit here writing this butterflies are fluttering round my insides. Its not all nerves though, there is also a great deal of excited and anticipation.

For the last 7 & ½ years now I've been working undercover as a research secretary for a study. Haha, well not exactly undercover more just in full view working to pay the bills, and i've enjoyed it too. However it is definitely not what my heart wants.
Being an illustrator or at least being in an art/design related field is something I've dreamed of from the age of about 10, but since graduating I've never felt confident enough to go for it. It's always been something that has had to fit in around other regular salaried jobs, and I happened to fall into admin when I started doing that kind of work in summer holidays. Admittedly though I do love the organising bit of it...ok not files, but the events and workshops and things.

Anyway it was around the time when my mum passed, that I thought I can't go on like this - juggling various freelance jobs alongside a part-time job and working 55+ hour weeks. There is going to come a time when this isn't sustainable anymore.
At that point though, dealing with my mum's death combined with a looming potential redundancy, my mind was set on a different path, one which involved a full time, permanent admin job that would bring in money so I could visit my dad & sister down south more often. So when I was offered a contract extension last April and the chance to get permanent employment a year down the line, I thought accepting was the right thing. Actually I was doing the right thing, back then, but a couple of months down the line I realised something. I was coasting, taking the easy option and all before I had even given it a proper go. I also realised something else, life is too short for regrets so I took the decision to finally jump in feet first.

So friends after many months of saving and preparation in just two months from now I'll be saying goodbye to my day job and risking all to follow my dream.
I'm desperate and determined to make this work, so if you're reading this please send some positive vibes my way.
Perhaps its crazy, but I know my 10 year old self would thank me for it.

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