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Friday, 27 January 2012

Back to business

Ah well as you can probably see by the lack of posts i've had a little hiatus from blogging.
Christmas was a busy period as i'm sure it was for pretty much everyone, so i feel my December absence is fairly justifiable. However i admit i should have been back to business as usual by January but things just kept coming up.
I've been working on a wedding invitation for two lovely people who are getting married in May.
This is the finished design and i will post a pic of the printed invite when i get mine in the post (i hope).

On that note - i had an extra lovely surprise on my birthday on 17th Jan, that being my boyfriend Dave of 7 & 1/2 years proposed. It was by a loch in Aviemore, Scotland - it should have been very romantic and it was, only i was pretty surprised as i never thought it would happen my initial response was 'are you joking?'. I feel pretty guilty about that now but once i recovered from the shock of course i said yes. There is no ring yet as we're hoping to get one made but when i get it i will post a pic.

Okay what else has held me back from my blogging activity mainly this mammoth illustration which i just had to finish -

Unfortunately this small image doesn't really do it justice as you won't be able to see all the detail that has gone into the wings, which frankly had me pulling my hair out. Therefore over the weekend i'm going to do an extended post on this illustration to show you the work in progress. Basically this is so i can milk it as much as possible haha ;)

Okay so i'll be back soon, promise.