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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

2012 Calendar

Yippee!! I've finally finished enough illustrations for my 2012 calendar which i'll soon be putting into production. The 12 images will be a mix of some of my older illustrations and some new ones which i've been creating recently. I'm only going to produce around 10 of these and possibly a few more on request only, so they will be very limited edition.

The format for the calendar will be A4 portrait and i'll be printing this and binding this myself, rather than getting it done at a printers, so it will have a nice handmade feel. It will be some kind of spiral binding as its nice to be able to flip the pages over.
Also i'm not sure about the cost yet as i guess it will depend on what paper is used, but i was thinking about £10. Anyway the most important thing has been decided - that being the images, so here are the 12 images:

January - Home on the ice

February - Robot Love (valentines)

March - Whale

April - Love bird

May - Home sweet home

June - Craft is sweet

July - Bunny Balloon

August - The Journey

September - Tree house retreat (autumn)

October - Autumn rain

November - Resting place

December - Snow globe

Looking forward to making them up and i'll put a few online once done. Fingers crossed they'll be ready by mid October. If i get the chance i may even make a couple up for the Make Ends Meet market which i'm attending on Sat 15th Oct. If you're in the area on that day (Newcastle that is) you should drop into Heaton Perk Coffee Shop where i'll be from 4pm - 7pm. Its on Heaton Park Road in yes you guessed it 'Heaton'. Not only will there be some lovely arty folks selling their wares, there will also be free Tunnocks tea cakes and wafers. Get in!!


  1. Love love love it! Easpecially the October one (which co-incidentally is when my birthday is!)

    Keep one for me please :-)

  2. Beautiful. Fantastic.

    Surely it's worth more than £10. Remember the wisdom of prime numbers. :)

  3. I love it! Particulary March, April, July, oh and the other months too!

  4. Oh wow, I need me one of these!

  5. Lovely! I'm sure you will sell out very quickly.
    I love your pictures

  6. I'm a big fan of your work, you're in my list of favourite shops on there (I'm ghost goose on Folksy) I love this calendar, it's beautiful! Can I ask where you got it printed? Nice to meet a fellow illustrator and designer, keep up the good work :-)

  7. Hi All.
    Thank you for your lovely comments, so pleased you like it as its been a bit of a long slog getting enough images together.
    Hannah - i have actually printed & bound this myself from home. I have a good printer and got some nice quality card stock which i bought before online. I did see a few places to print from but none of them had the option of being able to customise it in the way i wanted, so i opted to do it myself.

  8. They are so adorable, count me in.