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Monday, 17 October 2011

Calendar follow up

I have now put my calendars into production and you can purchase them from my Etsy or Folksy shops. Each is cut with rounded edges and bound, so you can flip over the pages for ease and hang them from the wall. After looking into costs i have put the price up to £11 so not much more than the orginally planned price of £5. Also i have jigged around a couple of the images as my boyfriend pointed out the bunny balloon illustration would probably be more fitting for April because of Easter, which made sense.

The first batch of calendars i'm printing will be on linen card stock. There will be a total of 9 of these made. I wanted to print all of them on this but unfortunately the company where i get it from has now run out and won't be getting anymore in. So the 2nd batch will be on satin photo paper, which will also look great.
I'll be printing a max of 20 and will list only a few at a time online, as if possible I would like to take a few to the markets i'll be taking part in over Christmas. If you would like one and can't find any left on Etsy or Folksy, please email me (lucyfarfort@yahoo.com) and i will send you one from the market allocated batch.

Below are photos of the printed calendar, using the linen card stock. There is also one image of the calendar cover design + a montage of all the calendar months (except December as this is show in the photo).

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