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Friday, 23 August 2013

Wedding post 4 - Magical mystery tour

Did I tell you what a packed day it was on our wedding? With all the stuff that we'd planned for the day it wasn't exactly a leisurely event, but it was masses of fun.

So after the ceremony, ...

a few photos, ...

and much throwing of confetti,

it was time to pack up out cool boxes of champers

and hop on to the Circa 1960s London Routemaster. Aka the Wedstock Fun Bus for a magical mystery tour.

I took this opportunity to slip on some comfortable, festival friendly footwear. I don't do heels not very well anyway! Plus where we were going I knew the wellies would be a better option that 4 inch satin stilettos. NOTE: I hadn't accounted for the possibility of it being a 30 degree day when preparing for this, so it wasn't exactly a cool option.

Unfortunately the bus company had misheard the name of our little do over the telephone so we ended up with an, as the kids would say: epic fail! Spot the error -

Tune in next week to find out the mystery tour bus destination.


  1. I'll send the typo police around to sort out that bus sign Lucy. Huge congratulations! x

  2. Haha thanks Tim. Hope you're well

  3. Congrats! You look gorgeous and your wedding seems magical!