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Friday, 19 April 2013

Card designs & an itchy nose

Yuck - as I sit here typing this post my eyes & nose are streaming and my face is prickly.
After using some face cream, which used to be fine (although i've not used it for a while) my skin has decided to show me how much it dislikes it by coming up in red blotches. Plus I now appear to have what I can only think is hayfever and my eyes feel like they're full of grit & are insanely itching as is my nose. Marvelous! All in all its a good start to the day and as i'm sure you can imagine I look a total state.
Oh well enough moaning, instead let me share with you some nice pretty stuff for you to wrap your eye holes on. The new card designs i've been working on are now all finished...whoop whoop! I posted a couple of them a little while ago on here and how here are the last few all done and dusted.

The Narwhal one is a get well card (which is pretty appropriate for the way i'm feeling right now) and the other two are birthday card designs -

Hope they make you smile. Oooo i think the anti-histamine might be kicking in. Oh good now i can stop feeling sorry for myself and get down to the business of drawing - my favourite business!

Happy Friday x

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