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Monday, 2 April 2012

Pleased to meet you. Interview #3 Lisa Verrall

1. Please tell us your name, business name and where you are based?
My name is Lisa Verrall and I work under the business name of Stupid Potato. I am based in North London.

2. What do you create and how would you describe your style?
I do a few different things with Stupid Potato. My main items are handmade plush creatures that I design and make from fleece and felt. I started it all off by designing my four main characters; Fox, Deer, Rabbit and Bat. Once I'd designed them as plush animals I went on to incorporate illustrations of the characters into other items such as tote bags, tea towels, cards and badges. I would like to think my work is happy and cute but also quite stylish and quirky and so that it appeals to both children and adults.

3. How did you get into making and do you make a living out of your creations?

I've been making various crafty bits and pieces for years, I've always been very arty growing up and studied graphic design at university. I think I first got into making plush animals about 5 years ago while at uni and since then I've been making the odd one here and there as gifts. When I became jobless last summer I found myself with not a lot to do, so whilst looking for a new job I started up Stupid Potato to try to keep myself busy and make a bit of extra money. I sell my products at various places online and have the occasional market stall. I don't yet sell enough to do it full-time though. I also work freelance as a graphic designer, mostly designing children's books along with various other bits of designing, making and illustration.

4. What is your favourite piece of work or a favourite project you’ve worked on?
I think my favourite of my animals is the plush Deer. I've also made a few one-off animals as special requests. I've had commissions to make a Squirrel and a Badger, those both turned out rather nicely. I always enjoy the process of creating a new character. I've also recently got back into linocut printing, something I'd not done in a while. I made a few greetings cards this way that I was quite pleased with so am planning to do more of those.

5. If you could achieve any business goal with your work no matter how fantastical what would you most like to do?
I have a few more ambitious things that I plan to do with my work, nothing all that fantastical but a little more involved. I've made a few animated films in the past using my fabric animals and other models that I have made and have liked the effect so I would really like to give this another go - either a short film or music video. I have a couple up on YouTube already, but as my style has developed quite a bit since making these I'd like to try again and see what I can do. I'm also keen to do some larger-scale, more sculptural fabric animal creations.

6. Do you have any tips for others who want to set up a creative crafty business?
Do quite a bit of research, especially before investing money into anything - such as placing orders if you're getting things made or paying for things like market stalls. Get to know what kind of people your products will appeal to and that will help you know where the best places to sell and promote yourself are. Be prepared for things to take quite a while to become established, and don't be disheartened if things don't immediately become a big success, just keep working hard and let things grow steadily. Try to be as original and unique as you can.

Quick fire round.
Just for fun please pick 1 answer from each of the following. If you don't fancy either just choose the option you most prefer:

1. Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash?
Bob Dylan

2. Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia?
Harry Potter

3. For veggies/vegans - Tofu or Quorn?

4. Knit or sew?


5. Pen or pencil?

6. Cut or paste?

7. Mug or Cup Mug?
Mug. Full of tea.

8. Half full or half empty?
Half full. Of tea.

9. Mac or PC?

10. Amy Butler or Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston

To find out more about this arty lady and her seriously cute makes you can check out her website - http://www.stupidpotato.co.uk/ or her Folsky and Etsy shops.

Lisa is also on Facebook, Twitter and has work on YouTube

A big thanks to Lisa from Stupid Potato for taking part. Until next time - BYEEEE!

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  1. That deer is so cute! It's great to find out a bit more about the maker behind these designs. I'd second the tip about doing plenty of research, it always pays off to know what you're getting into.