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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Maker Christmas Trade. NorthEast based makers, artists, crafters

Thank you to all those who have shown an interest in this so far. So here is how it works.

Firstly this is a trade rather than a swap. I know theres not much difference but a swap suggests you're giving away items you no longer want. The trade ethic is rather than using money to purchase something, you use your skills and resulting creations as currency.
PLEASE NOTE: The blog is merely to facilitate the process and enable makers to contact each other in the knowledge that they are potentially interested in trading. It is not moderated & I won't get involved in anyone else's trade.

To take part you must be a maker/artist/photographer/crafter (all disciplines welcome) & have:
1. An online shop on Etsy, Folksy or another online craft retailer. OR
2. Work on Flicker, Photobucket or similar site, which allows others to see photos of your products and more detailed descriptions of product. OR
3. A website, blog, or portfolio of work online, which has images of products & full descriptions.
Have an email address.

~~The Trading Process~~
A categorised list of all those willing to trade will be posted on blog from 30 October to 30 November (by when exchanges should be complete). During trade month the participating crafters & artists can look through the list and if they wish to contact a fellow maker(s) to offer an exchange it is entirely up to them. There is no obligation to trade.

For each trader listed there will the following info which you will need to send me:
a) Their name and business name.
b) Brief description of what they make, i.e. digital artworks, jewellery etc.
c) A *link(s) to the maker's site, online shop or page where people can view images of their products, including full descriptions, item costs, and postage costs.
d) If relevant details of product types that the maker does not wish to include in trade.
e) What items the maker is interested in trading for, e.g. bag, necklace, print etc.
f) The maker's email address for contact from potential trade mate(s)

*If you're linking to Etsy/Folksy shop etc, be aware that if this product sells from that site during trade month, potential trade mate(s) may no longer be able to see that item.

Exchange of traded items can be done in person on a day arranged by those involved, or through the post. If posting please agree a date when item(s) will be sent so you both know when you can expect to get them. All items must be in post by 30th November at latest.

Important note on postage costs:
Depending on the kind of item you're offering the postage cost may be more or less than that of the item you're proposing to trade with. Therefore you'll need to negotiate with your trade mate to work this out. E.g. it may be best to meet up and exchange in person, perhaps offer an additional item to cover postage difference, or even pay cash to cover difference. It is entirely at trader's own discretion & something you should consider when looking for trade(s). We don't want anyone left out of pocket.

~~ Trade tips ~~
1. Please keep it friendly and be considerate. If you get an offer to trade and for whatever reason you don't wish to do so, please be nice and bear in mind this process is not moderated. Remember to think about difference in postage cost so no one is left out of pocket.

2. The process should be negotiable & flexible and please be realistic when offering a trade. Hey if you’re feeling brave you may even want to do a three way trade.

3. The trade contract is based on trust. You must have faith in your trade mate(s) to send their item(s) & vice versa.

4. You & your trade mate may wish to send items recorded delivery to ensure you can claim back cost if lost in post.

To take part email me your details for the list as outlined previously to lucyfarfort@yahoo.com or fill out the form for your trading info here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V9YXDVS as soon as possible (Further traders info will no longer be added to list after 1st week in Nov).


  1. aargh! Lost my comment so trying again...sigh...

    We are opening a new craft shop and community arts space at High Spen Celebrate the Seasons (http://www.celebratetheseasons.co.uk )and are trying to start a LETS - type group so we are TOTALLY INTERESTED in this idea :) We are also starting a free monthly get together for sellers of handmade to network/chinwag/eat cake and all are very welcome :) We also have indoor craft fairs coming up, and a rent a cube scheme - so please check us out when you have a moment :) Lynn xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sounds like a great project you've got their Lynn.

    I will add you to the list of participants. I'm going to set up a Facebook event about it so people can send the invite around.

    Had a look at your site and its fab, the Recyclopedia project looks intriguing, will keep my eye on that.
    I'll email you at your celebrate the Seasons address at some point so that i can get the relevant info from you for the trade. Also i would really appreciate it if you could send the details round your network of makers who may be interested.

    Looking forward to your craft shop opening :)
    I'll have to come along and say hi when its open.

  4. I'll share it glady - great idea :) Will also put details on the High Spen Community Arts website today :) (http://www.HighSpenCommunityArts.org.uk) We'll be having a grand opening with vintage tea next month - hope you'll come :)


  5. Ah thanks Lynn thats wonderful.
    Oo that sounds fun, i would love to if i'm about. Is it easy to get to on public transport as i don't have a car unfortunately.
    Will send you the facebook invite once event set up.