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Friday, 13 April 2012

Newbies on the block

Morning All. The sun is shining here in Newcastle at flipping last. I just hope it hangs around for the weekend and then maybe we can go to the coast. Feel like i've been coming down with a case of the old getting cabin fever as i've not really got out much these last couple of weekends, mainly because i've been working on new images. Still its been worth it.

The Folksy Friday post has had to be nudged out of the way today 'cause i want to show you a couple of new illustrations i'm doing for the project i mentioned a couple of weeks ago, which is coming on quite nicely.
Promise i'll reveal all soonish but as previously said i don't want to jinx it ;)

I hope these make you smile:

I'm also super excited to say that i was commissioned by Digital Artist Magazine for their May issue. It would be a bit unfair of me to publish it on the blog considering its not come out yet but i can't resist giving to a teeny weeny peek at the commissioned illustration. So heres a sneaky glimpse:

Thanks for looking and i hope to be back with a Folksy Friday for you next week.


  1. Well done on getting a commission, that's fab.

  2. Thanks i'm well pleased :)