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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pleased to meet you. Interview #6 Kettle of Fish

1. Please tell us your name, business name & where are you based.
I'm Karen from Kettle of Fish and I'm based in the lovely riverside town of Yarm. 

2. What do you create and how would you describe your style? 
I design and make decorative, functional objects and jewellery and I'd say my style is rustic/vintage and distinctive.

3. How did you get into making and do you make a living out of your creations? I've always enjoyed making things and being creative and have always had something as an outlet for that creativity. I did a degree in Fine Art and have amended techniques I used in my sculpture and drawings at college to develop some of the ranges for Kettle of Fish. I certainly don't make a living but since giving up the day job, that's supposed to be the goal!

4. What is your favourite piece of work or a favourite project you’ve worked on?
I particularly enjoy projects where I see potential in something and give it a new lease of life. I made a one-of-a-kind paperweight from a rather ugly old lead crystal weight that I stripped down, cleaned and remade using an image of the man in the moon. The image really worked with the multifaceted glass and it became a very beautiful object. Sometimes when you put things together they really 'sing' and this was one of those times!

5. If you could achieve any business goal with your work no matter how fantastical what would you most like to do?
Right now, the idea of being successful enough to make a living seems pretty fantastical! Towards that end, I'd love to have great success with my range of bespoke jewellery, accessories and decorations for vintage weddings with a difference.

6. Do you have any tips for others who want to set up a creative crafty business?
Have faith in yourself and be true to your own style. Work hard to promote yourself but expect it to be slow progress. Lucky breaks and big orders aren't that common so make sure you enjoy the journey!


Quick fire round. Just for fun please pick 1 answer from each of the following. If you don’t fancy either just choose the one you most prefer:

1. Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash

2. Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia
Chronicles of Narnia

3. For meat eaters - Lasagne or Moussaka

4. Knit or sew

5. Pen or pencil

6. Cut or paste

7. Mug or Cup

8. Half full or half empty
Half empty. I'm a hardened pessimist!

9. Mac or PC

10. Amy Butler or Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston

For more info about Karen & Kettle of Fish take a look at her blog kettleoffishdesigns.blogspot.co.uk.  You can see all her products on offer at either Folksy or Etsy.
Kettle of Fish can also be found on Facebook. So what you waiting for check it ooot!

Lots of thanks to the lovely Karen for taking part. I hope you all enjoyed the interview :)


  1. This is great. I do enjoy hearing about the people behind the businesses. Keep on with the interviews :-)

  2. Thanks Say it Says, i'm glad you're enjoying them :)