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Friday, 20 April 2012

Folksy Friday - Got the blues (in a good way)

I’ve chosen a simple theme today for my FF post which is based around my favourite shade of blue.
Its that certain type of blue that gets me every time. Those sort of aqua come turquoise, come sky blue shades that make me want to dive in and when i see them I can almost feel my eyes dilate. This is going to sound really weird, but sometimes looking at this colour actually makes my mouth water slightly - yes odd i know :/
Ooooooo bluuuuuuuue........ *sigh*

Gorgeous, i just can't get enough of this colour. Happy Friday folks and lets hope the sky looks as blue as this over the weekend.


  1. Wow absolutely love the colout of choice, so vibrant and just brilliant! x

  2. I see what you mean. It is such a gorgeous colour. Lovely selection.

  3. Great choices. It really is a colour that grabs your attention isn't it! Love the gift tags.

  4. Great finds! (as always) I love the gift tags too.

  5. Stunning colour - the bee hotel is very unusual.


  6. Hello! Thanks for using one of my lavender birds, your choices look great together, I also love all those blues and am off to check out the other shops now. All the best and hope you've had a great weekend, Beth (the linen cat) :-)