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Friday, 1 July 2011

Folksy Friday - Mini, tiny, teeny and small

Yuck the cold of all colds has struck and as I sit here snotting over my keyboard I reminisce about the glory days (i.e. Wednesday & previous), when i could breathe through my nose and could actually smell and taste the coffee i'm drinking.
To top it all off i've also been diagnosed with tendonitis which is great fun. Basically my right wrist is swollen & hurts when i move it in a certain way - you know left, right, up, down. Oh hold on - all the ways you can flipping move it! This, dear reader means that I can barely write, type and drawing is nigh on impossible and yippee, i've been informed this will take about 5 weeks to get better. I never thought blowing my nose could be so challenging.

Luckily I began writing the FF post on Wednesday before the wrist issue reared its evil head. The theme is around mini things. Originally this was due to the fact that i was very busy, although now the ltd use of my right hand has meant i've had to write off quite a few plans.
Anyway they say "good things come in small packages" and it turns out 'they' were right:

1. Heres an intriguing little item by Henry Ireland. A hand printed mini illustrated story. I wonder what the conclusion is.

Large image

2. A purrfect little lavender filled cushion by Sara Norwood. I love the colours and the cat's curious expression.

Large image

3. Is it me or is origami really in at the moment? I've seen a lot of origami inspired stuff lately & why not its a wonderful thing. These have to be some of the coolest earings i've seen in a while:

Large image

4. Little houses all in a row. The Pusscats and Pookies shop on Folksy offers the cutest teeny needle felted delights. These mini houses are one of my favourite items in store:

Large image

5. Last on my list today are these colourful critters for sale in the Fresh Made shop . My favourite is the blue cat-like one and the mini ninja.

Large image

Well that was short and hopefully sweet. I'm keeping my fingers crosses that next week my cold will have disappeared and my wrist might be slightly more use-able.

Have a good one!


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Thanks for featuring my mini monsters!!

  2. Thanks and you're very welcome.

  3. Love your mini finds. Very sweet!

  4. Thanks Alicia and all.