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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Folksy Friday - Hand(y)made Man

For around 5 years i've been fairly actively involved in the craft community in Newcastle. Hmm i think i'm going to call this the 'Newcastle Maker's Movement' (just 'cause it sounds impressive and momentous). Really this just means i've organised craft markets, been a member of crafty groups and met a lot of makers and artists. From the numerous crafty creative types i've met/know of, I can pretty much count the number of male makers on my hands. Actually to be fair i've probably graduated onto toes now too, but only just.
I've noticed that over the last year or so a few more men seem to have got into crafting, but i'd say its still pretty much an 75/35 swing in favour of the ladies. Take the project Made In Newcastle for example, there are about 6 men involved in a group totaling around 50 people.

In what is a very XX chromosome dominated industry I feel the need to dedicate this post to items made by and for men. This is what I found:

1. Crank Cases is a shop I've stumbled upon a number of times. They make the most amazing i-pod covers and they are definitely very male friendly. Actually i'm not entirely sure this counts because I don't whether the human behind these lovely items is male or female. However as I don't know either way i'm letting it in.Large image

2. Ewan John's emporium of delight is a superb little discovery i just made.
I'm featuring his 'birds badge pack of 4' which I think would go very nicely on the lapel of a tweed or pinstripe jacket. I love the bandy little legs on the birdies. Great style Ewan!
Large image

3. These pirate bookends by Andy Wood Craft are a piece of wooden awesomeness. They'd be such a great feature in a boys room or even on a bookshelf in a study for someone who is young at heart - namely 'me', only i'm not a boy.
Large image

4. Yippee a guy who knits and damn well by the look of this ace chunky cable-knit beanie available from Dave's knitting shop . Also it's a total bargain at £6 and is good for lads and lasses too. Excellent choice of colours!
Large image

5. I have absolutely fallen for these flipping marvelous hand painted Russian Dolls by Allistair Burt and practically everything else on the Hole In My Pocket shop.
This would be a genius present for a musically inclined male man. Actually its just a fantastic present for anyone.
Large image

6. Another fantastically quirky item is this paper model kit which has come from the creative mind of Hairy Tom (as he seemingly likes to be known). This is a great little gift for a designer toy fan. Move over Dunny and make room for Squat!
Large image

7. The Stabo shop is a creative partnership between two designer-makers.
They’ve lots of lovely items on their corner of Folksy and i was having difficulty choosing just one to feaure, but i opted for this stylish belt:Large image

Hopefully all these cracking goodies made by men will inspire more blokes to get out there and make. Go forth little XY chromosomes and get crafty!

Cripes is that the time?! I better go get on with some work.
Bye, see you next week.


  1. Big up the boys! Wonderful eclectic picks...

  2. How true, I find I sometimes address people who read my blog automatically as Ladies; naughty I will think more of the blokes too in future.
    Kandi x

  3. Yeah i think things are changing a bit. I remember when I was organising craft markets I tried to get more male makers involved, but i think out of 20 stall holders, we had about 4 male sellers at most.

  4. Hi from a new follower via folksy ~ really great picks, nice to see some different male crafters, am really liking Dave's knitting!

  5. Hi Folksy Flo
    Glad you like the selection :)
    Thanks for following