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Friday, 29 July 2011

Folksy Friday - You lucky, lucky b!@*tard

Thank flip its Friday as its been a long week. Dave (my long suffering bf) had an interview yesterday for a job he's wanted for a long time. Its a lectureship based here in Newcastle, so it means we won't have to face the upheaval of moving to a strange new city. Actually I've always enjoyed moving around and I've lived in a few places in England. However its coming to that point now where I like the idea of settling somewhere and the thought of leaving friends behind yet again, is frightening.

To be honest I started writing this post yesterday when Dave was at his interview, expecting to find out the result today. However he found out around 4.30 yesterday and guess what - he got the job YIPPEE!!
With that in mind i came up with the theme 'luck' as tribute to the good wishes I was sending Dave's way. I believe we make our own luck in this world - although sometimes its nice to have a helping hand.

1. I've always admired the iconic and colourful images of Hindu deities. One of the many things that Ganesha is god of is success. I found this wonderful solar lantern made in the Glow Box shop. Check out their other ace lamps.
Large image

2. Another striking symbol representing luck and fortune is the Maneki Neko - or lucky cat, which can be seen in many Chinese establishments. Loving this card at the Hello.Konnichiwa shop:
Large image

3. I wish the best for you. Next is this beautiful silver, dandelion pendant.
Large image

4. Astrid Weigal has produced these striking fabric panels below. her shop is full of lovely things designed and made by her own fair hands.

Large image

5. Take a look at Janine Basil's pop art inspired shop chock full of funky head gear. I'm not a fascinator fan but this Aces headband she has created is fab:
Large image

6. The luck of the Irish be with you! The penultimate item featured this week are these St Patrick's day, shelf blocks. They'd be a great house warming gift don't you think?
Large image

And one more for luck. I've gone of track a little as this one is an Etsy find, but i couldn't resist having it in -

7. This beautiful Seven lucky Gods print of an original painting is one of the many gorgeous prints you'll see in Matthew Mayer's etsy shop:
The Seven Lucky Gods

By the way in case you didn't get it the title of this post is a quote from the dungeon seen in the hilarious Monty Python film 'Life of Brian', for all you MP virgins :)
Oh yeah and if you are feeling lucky today why not enter my giveaway.


  1. I love this theme, and i'm happy for you and your BF, Congrats on the job. I've always loved moving around but there is a time you have to make some roots for a while.

    You can find me at http://magickalhealing.blogspot.com/

  2. Wot a luvverley blog, Lucy!

    I"m chuffed you selected my lantern.

    Happy doodling!.