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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Animal Mug Shots no.2

Last Tuesday I mentioned that there would be a new weekly post, featuring an original illustration  which is off the back of me brushing up my inking skills.

Since my first attempt I've purchased some gouache. I used to use this medium a lot but not having done so in such a long time I forgot how great it is to work with. This is now definitely my medium of choice when it comes to painting my drawings.
I'm really pleased with the results of this week's mug shot and I hope you like it too, because from now on every week i'll be giving away a signed, one off print of the original illustration, along with the original pencil drawing.
To find out how you can win read on, but first onto the drawing. I thought it would be fitting to make this week's mugshot Valentine's themed, so here are Godfrey and Mildred the happy Capybaras with their bio below:

Names: Godfrey and Mildred
Ages (respectively): 4 and 5 
Favourite colours: Orange and mauve 
Favourite foods: Melon and Sweet Potato (not together) 
Favourite quote: 'Love is a serious mental disease' - Plato.

I was thinking about giving away the finished original, but I just can't part with it. However if you do want to win a signed one off print and the original pencil drawing....


all you need to do is:
- go onto my Facebook page and share the image & giveaway i've posted on my wall, with your friends and leave a comment so i can get in touch with you for your address if you win. You have from now until Friday morning when i'll put all the names in a hat & pick a winner.
Will be back next Tuesday with another mugshot.

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