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Friday, 10 January 2014

Words and pictures

For the last six months or more I have been working on a project for a Canadian company called 'GlobaNova', producing illustrations for an online visual dictionary.

I've been doing around 5 images a week and now in total produced over 270 images. The illustrations they require are all very simplistic and created entirely (from scratch) in Photoshop. This is something before the project I had never done and without the Wacom table & pen it I think the work would have been virtually impossible.
It's been quite a random job in that one week to the next I don't know what i'll be illustrating.
The website for this project is still being developed, but in the not too distant future there will be a Beta testing site up and running, which hopefully I'll be able to share the link to.
In the meantime here are some of the images i've created.

'Peanuts' =

'Wine Glasses'=

'Coconuts' =

 'Helmet' =

 'Lemonade' =

'Sandal' =

'Fish (for food)' =

'Hens' =

'Traffic Light' =

'Park' =

This week I've mostly been illustrating concepts for the word 'under', 'in' and 'closed'. Hmm..I wonder what next week will bring.

p.s. forgot to say Happy new year...yeah ok so its a little late :)

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  1. Lovely, I like them all but there is something about the lemonade... Good luck with your project :).