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Friday, 24 January 2014

This week I've....

....been sketching.
Around Sept last year I decided to write a story for a children's picture book.
Initially the plan was to write something very rough and unfinished that i could produce a few illustrations for, mainly to bump up my portfolio. I wasn't really planning on spending a lot of time on the story, but it was just to be there for the benefit of the illustrations.
However i got quite into it and ended up producing a finished story which i quite liked.
I'm now working on a book dummy - rough mock up of the book and will follow this with a couple of finished illustrations which I plan to send along with the manuscript to a publisher. Who knows if it will get anywhere, but I figured its worth a go.

So this week i've been sketching for the dummy and here, in no particular order are a few examples -

Hope you like them. I'm looking forward to doing lots more, there will be 28 in total.

Before I say toddle pip must mention that from Tuesday there will be a new feature on the blog which will involve a weekly giveaway. If that didn't grab your attention enough then heres a sneaky peak at a work in progress which will be part of the 1st installment. Stay tuned!

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