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Friday, 14 September 2012

Folksy Friday - You've got mail

Bills aside I love getting post, especially when its something out of the blue that i'm not expecting. In this internet age writing a letter is becoming a lost art, although there are the hard core few who still take the time to write a letter to a friend rather than just making a beeline straight for Facebook or the Gmail account.
I've been mailing out sample books to children's book publishers over the last few weeks in an attempt to find a publisher who'll add me to that most coveted list of their 'go to' illustrators.
Thought you might like to see photo of it:

Although its more time consuming to make up the booklet & package it up as oppose to a PDF document in an email, there is something really satisfying about putting together the physical product  and popping the finished item in the post box. It is this act that inspired me choose the theme of mail for the FF post today and heres my picks:

Dear Sir/Madam,

hope you have a happy Friday

Best wishes
Lucy xx

P. S. Don't forget the humble letter :)


  1. That cushion is fab. Great choices and a great theme.

  2. Thank you for posting......