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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Graphics Takeaway is go!!

First off apologies for the radio silence recently. Since coming back from holiday all my energy has been focussed on the 'project' which i've been referring to on and off for the last few months. I've kind of been hiding that its really more than just project, it actually a new business.

Nearing the end of last year i made the decision to start work on a new business plan for a digital download store from where i can sell my images as clipart and digtal collage sheets mainly aimed at crafters, scrapbookers and small businesses. The main reason being is that illustration work is thin on the ground and since the recession sales on my prints and handmade work has dropped, so the need to explore another avenue of potential revenue from my artwork became apparent.

Its something i've thought of doing for a while and as it seemed (and still seems) that i had little to lose i grabbed the bull by the horns and put my plan into action.
After months of working on graphics, the collection of which i will keep building on i'm pleased to say that my new graphics shop - 'Graphics Takeaway' is now open for business and you can see it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GraphicsTakeaway

For an example of some of the clipart available, this is my craft themed graphics set:

At the moment its Etsy based but i plan on selling from a few more places soon.
As well as the Etsy shop i also have a blog: http://graphicstakeaway.blogspot.co.uk/ Here you can see new images and check out my progress. I would love it if you would take a look and if you like it hit the follow button as its looking abit lonely over there at the moment.

Although this is taking up quite a lot of my time as its new & all and i've lots of graphics to produce for it, i still intend to produce work for my Happy Place shop where possible and i am still always on the look out for new illustration work and commissions + i will continue to blog on here as normal.

Okay last thing to mention, basically an advance excuse for my slacking, but it's the other half's birthday this Thursday and to celebrate we're going to the Glade festival so i won't be here to do a Folksy Friday post again this week (sorry), but when i get back on Monday i will try my best to get things on here back to normal running order.



  1. Good luck with it all Lucy x

  2. Wow, many congratulations I'm sure it will be a huge success! I love those crafty graphics, I'll pop over and follow your new blog now x

  3. Thanks both. I'm hoping it will work out otherwise i may have to jack it all in and i really don't want that. The good luck wishes are very much appreciated.