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Friday, 29 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Shape Up

This week has been one full of good intentions.
I’m trying to be good and keep up with regular Folksy Friday posts and blogging generally. I’m also trying to eat more fresh fruit and veg and do more exercise. Oh AND…..i’ve had a word with myself and I plan on being more organised from now on -  ha not likely!!
All these good intentions make it the perfect time for this ‘shape up’ post





So that's all for the Folksy selection today.

Just before I sign off I would like to give a quick mention to some new Tea and Cake themed graphics listed on the Graphics Takeaway shop this week. Please take a peek if you get a mo:

Hope you all have a good weekend and if any of you party animals out there are hitting the dance floors don’t forget to throw some shapes and chuck in a polygon for me!


  1. What a neat theme! So hard to choose a fav but loving the triangles ;)

    Leanne x x

  2. Hey Lucy, what a lovely collection! The again, I am a fiend for a bit of geometry!

    Keep up the good work!

    Tara (Tara McInerney Jewellery)

  3. Glad the theme has been well received. Its getting harder and harder to pick themes for these posts :)

  4. I have a real thing for geometry too. Making mosaics, as I do, makes you think about pattern and shape a lot. I really like the triangle ring.

  5. Good for you with your resolutions! Work got the better of it this week and I've not been able to post my Folksy Friday. I shall try harder next week!
    I'm impressed at your imaginatino for picking a theme, as you say it is difficult to reinvent every week!
    My personal favourite is the square pendant, simple and effective!

  6. Ha ha yeah i doubt the resolutions will be kept up for long, but its the thought that counts....or maybe not ^_^