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Monday, 6 June 2011

10 Creative things to get onto

Since getting on the Twitter wagon I've found about loads of great creative projects, competitions and ways to showcase your work as an artist.
Initially when Twitter started to get big I was adamant that I wouldn't get embroiled in yet another social networking site/facility, especially given that i'm already having trouble just keeping up with posting regularly on the blog. However i like many others got sucked in and now as a Twitter convert I must admit that of all the social networking thingy-mi-jigs that I've got into, this has by far been the most useful in terms of finding out about cool projects and stuff.

Because i've discovered lots of great projects/opportunities for emerging artists (like me good self) lately I feel I should share these with you. So i'm writing this post and maybe some of you there arty folks who maybe reading this can get involved with too (if you so wish).
For all you list nuts theres no particular order so its not like a top 10 or anything. Here we go:

1. Wall Collective: http://www.wallcollective.com. This is great new way to showcase your work as an artist/designer/ photographer/illustrator/print maker etc. Its incredibly simple and effective. You just get on down there, upload your images and you've basically created your own online portfolio.
I really like this concept because its quick, isn't overwhelming and doesn't try to hook you into investing time on other things such as creating a circles of friends or joining other groups.

2. Art Waffle: http://www.artwaffle.com Another new site I've found is the art waffle
blog, which posts interviews with artists and the lovely AW peoples are currently looking for new artists to interview. Its a brilliant opportunity for new artists to get some exposure for their work. Of course you can also use it to learn about artists who you may not have discovered and get an insight into how they work and what they think about the arty world around them.

3. Craftsville: http://craftsville.co.uk/ I found out about this site sometime ago when the friendly inhabitants of said Ville interviewed lil ol me on their regular feature 'Hello My Name Is...'. This is a lovely looking blog and is a fantastic resource for artists and makers.
They also run a Craftsville Craft Club, so if you live in Leeds and love a good old making session then this is probably for you.

4. Cut Out and Keep: http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/ Another awesome site I stumbled upon a while ago. If you're a craft God or Goddess then you'll love this one.
Not only does it have a million, billion, trillion (well perhaps not a trillion) free to use craft tutorials that have been uploaded by the Cut and Keep community, it also has forums, competitions and the wonderful Snippets magazine which I produced the 'Clangers' illustration for a while back. Definitely one of my favourite sites, with a wealth of crafty resources.

5. Illustration Friday: http://www.illustrationfriday.com An ongoing 'just for fun' challenge, where every Friday illustrator's are asked to submit an illustration in response to a specific topic. They then get until the following Friday to submit their image and have it shown on the blog, along with all the other weird and wonderful submissions. I've wanted to submit an illustration for ages, but (like so many things in life) I never seem to have the time. Still I love looking at all the lovely pics being the visual junkie that I am.
The site also runs artist interviews and some other ace stuff so go check it out.

6. Illlustration Rally: http://illustrationrally.blogspot.com Another fantastic site for illustrators and illustration lovers is the IR blog.
IR announce calls for submissions on Facebook and Twitter, with a specific theme. Illustrators can apply to take part in a rally and if selected you get your art showcased on their beautiful looking blog with a link to your site - yay!! I haven't had the chance yet as i've only discovered this one, but next rally - i'm there.

7. Mencap's Make with Me initiative: http://www.makewithme.org.uk The charity Mencap who support people with learning disabilities have recently launched their brand new craft based initiative Make With Me (there is also one for avid baking fans of a similar ilk called Bake With Me) This is something for all ages and abilities to get involved with to help raise money for a good cause.
They're asking crafty folks to organise their own fundraising 'Make Parties' and invite friends, family and members of the community to take part. I love this as its such an innovative fund raising idea and one which it'll also give artists/makers who are interested in running workshops & community engagement activities the chance to try out the field and hone their teaching skills.

8. https://www.greatbritons.ba.com/ Recently I've learnt about some ace competitions, which I would love to take part in but probably don't have the time. My sister Jennifer informed of a mega competition which is being run by British Airways as part of their Olympic 2012 advertising campaign. They're basically running a serious of contests - one for aspiring artists, one for aspiring writers and one for aspiring chefs.
The art comp invites applications from emerging talent to submit ideas & initial sketches for Olympic and Paralympic themed imagery which will adorn the sides of BA jumbo jets - wow imagine how flipping ace that would be. The winner gets coaching from the world renowned artist Tracy Emin.

9. http://www.dontpaniconline.com/designbrief/protest-placard-poster-competition Here is another competition based opportunity. The super slick Don't Panic e-magazine is running 'Design The Poster' competition in association with fashion label Diesel who have been running various design based competitions on and off for some years now.
The idea behind this one is to design a political slogan it's a great idea for a contest and one which you can have a lot of fun with. If you think you're a slogan whizz and have a spare moment you should give this one a go.
The deadline is soon so don't miss out!

10. http://www.whiteboxcontest.com Ok last one, but as the old adage goes 'by no means the least'. This is another one with an imminent deadline. Run by the Belgium chocolatiers Guylian this a contest for aspiring designers to get their teeth into....hahaha get it, get it (a crap pun sorry) .
Named ‘The White Box Contest' applicants are asked to submit designs for a new look box for their famous chocolate praline shells. A great competition with a $5000 prize for the winner.

Well if all this isn't enough to keep you busy for a while, i'm flipped if i know what will.


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