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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Folksy Friday - Greetings

I don't need to tell you that Father's day is imminent. You know already, its been rammed down your throats by a zillion T.V ads and the AppleMac people are sending emails suggesting you purchase your dad an iPad for Father's day. Yeah right an iPad for Father's Day and a yacht for Christmas. Yep another commercially driven, corporate card company invented occasion is upon us. Yikes I sound like a right miserable git! 'Okay sorry rant over'. Overall I do think it is a lovely sentiment to take a day out and say thanks to your dear old dad and if you do it the handmade way then thats even better.
Aside from that it was also my boyfriend's birthday on Tuesday, so basically as scouting for cards was the order of the week i've decided to theme my Folksy Friday post today on greeting cards in general. I won't bother too much with the dad's day ones as you've probably already got yours by now.
If you haven't got time to make your own or are lacking inspiration here are some good places on Folksy to purchase a card.

1. My first choice is from the It Belongs to Turtle shop. Offering lots of cute cards and other bits, my favourite of the bunch is the Georgio Elephant one which would make a great card for a kid's birthday, but to be honest I would love this as a card, so its good for big kids too!

Now for a man's card, grrrr! Well actually this is a unisex card really. I found this on the Tea with Rachael and Stephen shop. Great idea for a birthday card and a lovely print - awesome. Think I will be getting this card for the next birthday on my list. Note to self: 'Probably best for someone who isn't easily offended'.

If you have friends or family members who are into cats then getting a card from here will certainly win you brownie points. This would be one for my sister Jennifer as she adores cats. I really love the decorative and quirky illustration style of this artist and use of colour. She also produces some fab art prints.

Large image

4. Take a look at the cards created from Sue Woollatt's beautifully intricate wood engravings. The detail is astonishing that's one seriously talented lady and she has some amazing prints as well.

Large image

5. If you are looking for something a bit special and are seeking a more elaborate card for a very special occasion there are these great pop up butterfly cards available at the Love Poppet shop.
For the work that's gone into them, I would say they're a steal at £2.25.

Large image

6. I love this off beat Valentines day card by Konnie Kapow. I know it's a bit late, or early depending on how you look at it, to be thinking about Valentines day, but this is certainly a good one to keep in mind for next year. One thing I hate is slushy Valentines day cards so this for me is perfect:

Large image

7. I can't have a card themed Folksy Friday post without mentioning the wonderful and legendary Storey Shop. Not only is this a great name for a shop, but there are tons of fabulous hand cut cards to choose from. Also if you want something more personal they do custom made cards. What more do you want?

Large image

Although I must day i'm not sure that I love anyone more than cheese, especially a nice bit of brie... mmmmmm.

8. I found a great selection of ace cards and other goodies available in Alexandra Snowdon's shop. Really love the simple but effective folk art style. I very much admire people who can create simple prints and make them look so good,. I guess because my work is always so laboured and no matter how hard I try I can never work in a loose way, I just end up obsessing over the smallest details. So the last Folksy based offering on my listy is this gorgeous item:

Large image

Well actually there is just one more sneaky addition. A non folksy one to squeeze in and this one's for your old man (ideally to be sent if you are of the boy variety). I found this cute father's day card, brilliantly titled ' Astro Dad and Astro Lad' on Etsy in the Brittsy shop:

Astro Dad and Astro Lad - Father's Day Card

Happy card shopping everyone and happy Father's day on Sunday dad, hope its a good one!
P.S. Sorry its only chocolates and not an iPad ;)


  1. I love you more than cheese is definitely my fave, thanks for including my owl on your lovely blog!

  2. Thanks for popping over and i hope you see a bit of traffic from my blog post. Your art work is ace.

  3. iPad for Father's Day? My Dad's got a vintage glass and a Sherbet Fountain coming his way. That's love!

    Great post with a really varied selection of cards! Especially like the wood engraved print :)

    Thanks for featuring Storeyshop! Helen x

  4. Great to have your lovely work in my post. Thanks Helen

  5. Thanks so much for including me in this lovely collection of greeting cards, I especially like Sue Woollatt's card the detail is so amazing!

  6. Thanks for including Georgio! He is most pleased.

    I love Tea with Rachael and Stephen, such a great shop!