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Friday, 27 September 2013

Wedding post - Its raining sweets

Thankfully yesterday evening I managed to devote some time to write up a new post about the wedding which is now starting to feel like long time ago.
Right now lets see where are we up to. Ok so following on from 'the speech' post ... After food everyone was desperate to get out of the hot marquee and back into the hotel's gorgeous sun bathed garden. On the invitation we requested people bring and wear at least one festival accessory to get into the spirit, and it was at this point that the accessories started to come out.

Oh as did the face paints provided by Tom, Dave's brother and best man -

With 25ish minutes to spare before the main stage called, this seemed like the ideal opportunity to have a spot of piñata bashing, whilst our friend Ed hit the decks with a selection of pop-tastic tracks.
I mentioned back in this early wedding blog post that Dave made an incredible piñata for the big day which took several months of messy papier mache labour.
We thought the most appropriate piñata for our festival wedding would be a rain cloud so everyone could bash it, because no one wants rain at a festival. Until last year when we went to our first sunny festival, the rain has poured down at every one we've been to and there have been a fair few, so smashing a rain cloud to pieces seemed justifiable. This was the finished product hung in our back yard.

At the hotel we hung it from the swing frame in their garden. The cotton wool covering was looking a bit disheveled by this point.

 I was quite glad to have missed the first few hits as it seemed such a shame destroying this work of art. The trillions of papier mache layers had turned this beast of a piñata into a candy fortress and it took sometime before it showed any signs of weakening. Finally though Dave's uncle sent it to pinata heaven and its sugary insides spilled out for an eagerly awaiting crowd. I think this was the final strike:

Unsurprisingly this caused a flipping great mess of cotton wool and newspaper.

At 7pm everyone headed up to the higher end of the garden where our stretch tent and homemade shipping pallet stage would play host to 2 awesome bands.

To be continued...

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