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Friday, 6 September 2013

A folky little giveaway

Today i'm putting the wedding blog post on hold. There are 2 reasons for this, one is that because i've been so busy i've just not had the time to put anything together and the other is that I have something to give away.

A few years ago a lovely Chinese lady who was one of Dave's work colleagues that I met a few times,  found out I was very into making things and gave me some little booklets containing traditional Chinese folk paper-cut art. They're lovely delicate little tissue paper cuttings which can be used to make cards and a host of other things. I've kept hold of them for ages, in the hope that I would one day use them for a project but haven't really every found the time to plan anything to use them in.
So i've decided to give them away to someone who can make use of these.

There are a total of 50 beautiful and intricate pieces in 5 themed booklets/folders each. Two of the booklets are the same type and have dragon themed paper cuts:

1. Opera art - A bound booklet containing a total of 10 pieces, each measuring around 10cm x 6cm. A page of this book is featured in images.
2. Ming Vase art - A bound booklet containing a total of 10 pieces, each measuring around 10cm x 5cm. A page of this book is featured in images.
3. Dragon art (1 of 2 of the same) - a small folder containing a total of 10 pieces, each measuring around 10cm x 6cm. A piece from this is featured in images
4. Dragon art (2 of 2 of the same) - a small folder containing a total of 8 pieces, the same as the others in the other dragon art folder.
5. Chinese ladies - a small folder containing a total of 12 pieces, each measuring around 10cm x 6cm. There are 12 ladies in different poses in traditional Chinese costume.

I want them to go to someone who will genuinely use these in a project or piece of work, so anyone interested please comment below with details of what you plan to use these for and i'll choose the best. If there are several comments, i'll put the best ones in a hat & pick a winner. 
Make sure you put your email address in the comment so i can contact you if you win for your address. I'm afraid you will need to be based in the UK to take part.
This will be open till next Friday when I will pick the winner.
Please feel free to pass this onto anyone else you think may be interested.


  1. I'm not entering your giveaway as i have some of these paper cuts (insects and a book with some in with give you history etc) which i was given by a chinese friend. i just wanted to add my glowing thoughts on them. they are beautiful and if anyone comes up with some good uses for them do tell me :)

  2. I don't even know what I would make, paper crafts is something I would like to get better at and I've always love traditional Chinese art etc. I guess I would have a go at making a garland..

    I've had a great time reading about your wedding as well (congrats) it all look incredibly beautiful so I can't wait to read more about it =)


  3. ooh id love to use the papers to collage onto a little table or something. i think thatd look great!



  4. Eeekk!! Right sorry i totally forgot about this, so didn't pick a winner over the weekend. My excuse is that i've been mega busy scrubbing, painting and cleaning readying the house to go on the market.
    Anyway now that i've remembered....
    As Hannah and Clare you're the only 2 that commented and i like both your ideas it seems the fairest thing is to split the pieces so you're both winners!

    Will be in touch soon for your addresses.
    Thanks for entering :)