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Friday, 30 August 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Its time for another wedding series post.
Following on from the cliffhanger end (sort of) to my last wedding blog post, you've probably already worked out from the above title, that the Routemaster bus ride destination was the beach.

After a 20 minute (longer than planned for) ride through various Northumberland villages, down narrow rural lanes and past many bemused holiday makers, we arrived.
Of course, Dave had to make an exit from said bus by giving a waiting audience a little pole dance action:

The bus pulled up at the top of a cliff beside a slightly awkward path leading down to the beautiful Northumberland coastline looking out over to Bamburgh Castle.

Dave and I had visited this beach on several occasions in the past but never had it been quite so busy. The sun had attracted LOTS of people. Luckily the bit of beach we were on was tucked away at the end of the stretch so we mostly had it to ourselves, aside from bothering a family of four who obviously thought this was a nice quiet spot - WRONG!

Once down at the beach the champers was doled out from the pre-cooled ice boxes into sunshine yellow cups (very fitting).

Of course once on the beach stood next to that beautiful blue, cool sea in the blazing sunshine, a paddle was practically compulsory. Knew those wellies would come in handy!

This has got to be one of my fave pics - my uncle making sure the remaining bubbly didn't go to waste:

As the day was fun packed, we were running a tight ship and only had about 25 mins on the beach. So after a quick paddle I spotted a perfect photo opportunity & swiftly rounded everyone up for a 'WEDSTOCK' shout out pose...

before we all hiked back up the hill towards the bus -

Let the festival fun commence!


  1. Dam I thought I had done really well avoiding appearing in the pictures - until now!

  2. Lovely photos! Bamburgh is a stunning location for a party!

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