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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quick fire drawing

I often have ideas for various projects, most of which hair-brained and forgotten about, but some of which i'm intrigued to develop.
One such idea was inspired by the Big Draw workshop which I helped facilitate last October you can read a bit about it here.
The day before the event the artists involved met to prepare materials which included each of us drawing the outline of a leaf for a workshop task where the kids had to colour leaves for a tree.
We were each given a marker pen and a sheet of blank white paper and were instructed to draw a leaf outline. In theory this should have been a very basic task given the simplicity of the object in question, but oddly enough most of us found it a bit tricky. Being obliged to draw something on the spot with no visual aids and speedily in pen - such a permanent media, leaving no eraser to fall back on, was actually quite daunting. To be fair there was additional pressure given that this had to be carried out whilst in the company of other artists.

Anyway it got me thinking. Generally in my working life as a freelancer I tend to labour over drawings and often use visual reference. In part this is due to me being a perfectionist, but I imagine that this is also the same for many (if not most) other artists & illustrators. Certainly this doesn't apply to everyone, but from the experience with the other illustrators on that day, it clearly isn't just me that gets fazed by this. 
So i'm setting myself a weekly Tuesday challenge to draw a fairly simple object in felt or pen in a maximum of 5 minutes off the top of my head, so no visual reference allowed. Then posting the result however bad, here on the blog. I'm hoping that over time I may become better at this so the results may improve. Either that or i'll be too embarrassed to post image.
Okay so my first choice of object is ........................

Yeah okay, don't laugh. Straight of the cuff this is my rendition of a car. Hmmm i have a feeling these blog posts aren't going to do my illustration career the world of good. Hey ho!

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