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Friday, 1 February 2013

Introducing Burt 121

For many a year my good friend Andy has been writing a children's story which we agreed would be a collaboration of his words and my illustrations. The story, i'm very pleased to say is now almost complete so its time for me to start putting together some images.
Really I should have began work on this project a long time ago, but other things kept on coming up - you know how it is, but now tis time to focus...or at the very least try harder to focus.
Actually sometime ago I did produce an illustration of one of the main characters Mr Torian which you can see in my post here, but I feel my style has come on so much since then i've decided to scrap that one and start anew.

I began my first illustration for it this week. Its not yet finished by any means as i've only done the outline drawing but wanted to share it with you anyway. So here's the draft of image #1 titled 'Introducing Burt 121':

I'm pretty excited actually because for Christmas Santa aka Dave gave me a Wacom Bamboo tablet, you may have remember me harping on about getting one around Nov time.
I was trying it our for the first time last night and so far its  nothing short of FLIPPING AWESOME!! So i'm going to use it with these illustrations. I'm hoping it will greatly improve the way I work and I will keep you posted on progress.
Happy Friday folks x

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