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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Whats gone on

This week has been a whirlwind of excitement, interspersed with annoying problems.
My plan was to post on here with my two new pics on Friday, before i ran off to help transform Newcastle Arts Centre Gallery
into a woodland wonderland for the Big Draw event, which was yesterday. However i struggled to do this as my version of Adobe CS2 with Photoshop etc that i use all the time decided to have a major tantrum and no longer work, so opening up the images to format them for the blog proved impossible. Since then i've been trying to work around this problem, however the lovely Ann-Marie Smyth - Graphic Designer extraordinaire who I met at Design Interest (when i gave the talk) a few weeks ago may be able to come to my rescue, for which i will be eternally grateful.
Because of my lack of posting theres lots to catch you up on. Starting with Thursday night which was the preview of the Babes In The Woods exhibition.
There was a fab turn out and the worked looked really great in the space. In between my attempts at shcmoozing and my far more successful wine guzzling i managed to take a few photos (although they're not the best):


That tree in the first photo was made by a sculptor who works at the Arts Centre to help set the scene -  great work Alex!
On Friday as mentioned, I wondered down to the gallery to help create a woodland themed drawing space for visitors to come along and doodle on on the following Sat. 
We made two card board trees, a gingerbread house and papered the floor & three tables ready for doodle madness.

The Big Draw on Saturday was fab. We asked the visitors to draw fish in the stream, sweets for the gingerbread house, food on plates for the picnic rug, leaves for the trees and loads more. Loads of people
brought their children along and the kids were really creative. It was a great atmosphere & an awesome time. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics as I was busy running around and helping out, but courtesy of a fellow arty lady who brought along her two very cute children heres a pic on Facebook.
Sas - one of the lovely, super helpful arts centre folks took some photos so once these are up i'll link to them.
Okay so now i can finally reveal the two new illustrations I've been harping on about that i did for the exhibition and here they are:
The Hidden Forest

Our Favourite Place

Would love to know what you think. I hope to have prints of the two images available in my Folksy and Etsy shop soon.
A big thanks to the talented Set of Drawers for inviting me to take part
:) Do check out their charming work.

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