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Friday, 5 October 2012

Baker Days Cakes

Early last week I was asked if I would like to do a design for a cake by Baker Days for review on my blog. Not having heard of the company before I hopped over to their very lovely looking website to take a gander at their wares. Baker Days is a service that offers personalised cakes for any occasion by printing a design of your choosing onto the cake. You can either select one of the pre-made designs available on their site or upload one of your own creation. My first thought when I saw the site was what a great idea and why hasn't anyone else done this before?!

I emailed my design on the Thursday and the cake arrived in the post on the following Tuesday, so I was pleasantly surprised by the very quick turnaround time. Especially considering  I sent the design pictured below on the Thursday evening so they probably didn't pick it up till the Friday. So BIG plus points for super speediness!

The cake which they sent me was one of their 'letterbox cakes' - a cake small enough to fit through your letterbox. I'll admit that my first thought when I read about them was hmm it's a bit small. However when the cake landed on my doorstep it felt instantly exciting to get a cake through the post and it made me think - how awesome it would be if you received this as a surprise gift amongst your mail? The answer is 'very'. So with that in mind I guess the size is a fair compromise.

On opening the parcel I was delighted by the packaging which is gorgeous. The cake comes in a lovely little tin, with a greeting card, three balloons, two candles and a party horn. Very nice touch! It really made me smile and if I'd got that on my birthday that would really make me feel special and get me in a birthday mood. Absolutely top marks and over on the packaging! Heres a little photo:

The packaging was so sweet that I almost didn't want to ruin it by opening up the tin haha.

I savored the moment of anticipation for a little longer and finally cracked it open. Amazingly the cake was in perfect condition considering it had come through the post. This was one of my initial concerns,  that a cake through the post could look distinctly un-cake like on arrival. But no, there wasn't a mark on it! My Bunny Balloon illustration wasn't exactly rendered in perfect print, but it wasn't bad just a little blurry. You could easily make out what it was and in hindsight this was probably a rather challenging image to transfer to icing. So this is what you're all waiting for a pic of the cake:

Later that evening my fiancé and I tucked into it. I'd opted for a plain madeira as there are several types/flavours of cake to choose from on the Baker Days site. The cake itself was delicious. Really moist and the icing was nice and thin so it didn't overpower the taste of the madeira sponge. It was enough for 4 smallish, but extremely tasty and surprisingly filling portions.

All in all i think Bakers Days' cakes are great for special occasions. They're not cheap but they are definitely worth the price if you don't mind paying a little extra for something a bit special. I think it would also do wonders in the event that you forgot a birthday or anniversary and sent one of these little darlings to make up for it, as they really do bring a smile to your face.
So what are you waiting for go take a peek at their site www.bakerdays.com

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