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Monday, 20 February 2012

More, more, Polyvore

Being that I’m about 5 years behind everyone else technology wise I've only just discovered what Polyvore is. I keep seeing the word mentioned around and about the place on tinterweb but didn’t actually know what it was. Yesterday however I decided to take a gander and now I think I may be hooked. What a great idea!

It reminds me of being little and intently pawing through the glossy pages of my mum's newly received mail order catalogue
marking any items along the way which took my fancy, with the intention of purchasing these with my imaginary unlimited piles of cash.
Well once in Polyvore i couldn't leave without creating a collection and my first one is modeled around this handsome devil below. A naughty impulsive purchase bought from Lucie Ellen's shop on Etsy that i could not resist. Sorry purse!

I tried to import the image from Etsy but unfortunately it wouldn't let me. Perhaps I haven't quite worked out how to use Polyvore properly yet. However considering my luck with technology stuff, its a miracle I was able to do this at all. Heres the set, the first of many i'm sure. Hope you like it. Oh and if you've created any Polyvore sets do please add a link in the comments as I would love to see them.

Etsy Bunting Necklace Set


  1. Love the selection! I am completely obsessed with Polyvore - even more so than I am with Pinterest... it's just so addictive! I'm here if you wanna have a looksie: http://vixiepix.polyvore.com/

  2. Ace, i just had a look and i love the bag sets you've created. Problem is now i want the bags, particularly that Bee curious bag which is sold out :( - probably for the best.
    You've got some great sets the belts one is awesome too. Yeah i can see its going to be an addictive little thing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Blimey Vixie you have tons of stuff and its all fab! You have serious Polyvore skills hahaha