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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Half Baked

Be warned this is a silly, self indulgent blog post, but i'm compelled to share this with you.

It stems from a realisation that I have had so many ideas that haven't really gone anywhere i've successfully amassed a list of half baked plans and projects. We've all been there - whether its a plan to write your auto-biography or take over the world. Okay they're extreme examples but you know a mish mash of ideas for projects that never quite make it off the page or out of our heads.
Now i feel its time to fess up about these and who knows perhaps it will give you a laugh.

This is my list below, what's yours?

1. Much a Zine About Nothing - a free zine/fanzine about precisely what it says on the tin - nowt really, just stuff.

2. The Caretaker - this is a children's story, of which i have approx written 1/2 of, at a push. I won't giveaway the storyline in case one fateful day I actually finish it. Unlikely given its been in it's half complete state now for 4 years!

3. Make cushion covers from a vintage fabric - I've had the fabric for over 18 months. Need I say more.

4. Do a painting - This would seem strange being I like to call myself an artist and all, but I've not painted in a hell of a long time & very much want to get back into it. I even asked for a set of water colour paints for Christmas just gone. The box is yet to be opened. Think i'm scared to try its been that long.

5. Finish illustrations for Dizzy Dandy - This is a wonderful and very nearly complete Children's story written by a friend. I would just like to point out (in case my friend Andy who wrote this story is reading) that this list is not in order of priority. Andy I promise I will finish this!!

6. Do some street art - The basic premise of this little idea is to produce some sticker art and plaster them all over the city - yeah right. Needless to say I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

7. Make 2 A line skirts - In my possession i've two lots of gorgeous fabric and a pattern, but as yet no skirts. HOWEVER i have cut out the pattern - now thats a start.

8. Baby bunting - I had planned to make some bunting for a friend's nursery as a present for the birth of their baby boy. That baby is now 4. Too late, i have to wait for another baby.

Right now its your turn to confess....

Oh I just remembered i missed one off the originally published post, so this is a little update -

9. Documenting John Snow's ties - A blog dedicated to the ties of John Snow and maybe the odd sock. Simply a daily photo record to show what tie he is wearing today.


  1. I'm going to design some punk themed t-shirts which I've had on the backburner for about 7years when I lived in Manchester. I intend to have them up and running by September. You heard it here folks.


  2. Look forward to seeing them finally come into being.

  3. I vote for the zine or the street art, because at heart, I'm an anarchist.

  4. Yeah i still hope to make the zine someday. Who knows, watch this space.

  5. I say do as many as you can, especially #4. Drawing/painting sure can bring about a different kind of satisfaction (assuming you are satisfied with how it turns out!)
    -Jackie @ Matching neckties