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Monday, 13 February 2012

Whatever happened to Made In Newcastle?

Many moons ago I blogged about the beginning of my involvement in Made In Newcastle or MiN for short, an empty shop project come artist/maker collective which began back in the summer of 2010.
For ages i’ve not really posted anything much about this collective as other things always seem to get in the way, but now seemed like a good time to do a little update about what has been happening. Many people must think its disappeared off the face of the planet. Well it hasn’t and the group, or whats left of us are still very much alive & kicking and in the process of restructuring the way the project works.

In May 2011 our second empty shop finished its temporary occupation of 79 Grainger Street in Newcastle City Centre. For a fair while the group was quite disparate and many of the original members have now left to do other things (such as little things like having children), but there are still a hard core of us left and what we’re working towards could be very exciting indeed.
Unfortunately and I don’t mean to be all 'Secret Squirrel' about it, but I can’t say that much at the moment because nothing is set. However we are at the moment on the look out for a permanent home which we call can our own for more than just 6 months.
If all works out and our master plan goes ahead then MiN will no longer be an empty shop project but hopefully a more permanent fixture on the Newcastle high street.

If you fancy finding out more about the collective and what we do/have done check out the website and blog. Oh and what self-respecting collective wouldn’t have a Facebook page too.

Long live MiN!!

MiN 2 at Grainger St premises.

The original gang outside MiN 1 on Nun Street.

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