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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lady Luck

The lucky giveaway winner has been plucked from my boyfriends sweaty baseball cap.. tee hee.

Congratulations Katie Deacon! You are now the proud owner of a 'Robot Love' shopper bag, a handmade notepad and pencil case and a Whale and Me A3 print. I'm packing their bags and sending them on their way to you very soon.

Thanks to all those who entered and took my survey and signed up for my new newsletter. The feedback recvd was really useful and i will be making some improvements to my site based on your answers.

Keep your eyes open for future offers and giveaways!


  1. congrats Katie you have won an amazing prize well done you..hugs janet

  2. Booo-hoooooo!
    Sorry, that's not really in the spirit of things is it?!
    I'm sorry I never got back to you about the Robot Love fabric printing, and now the moment has passed, and the husb sorted it out. But I've got you bookmarked, and I want something Robot Lovey. Maybe I should just request it for my birthday!
    x x x

  3. Just landed here from Folksy and just wanted to say Hi. Unfortunately it looks like I'm too late for your giveaway but no worries, I'd just like extend an invitation to you to come on over to my giveaway at
    This is my very first givaway, and unashamedly being done to grab more followers and advertise my Folksy shop :)... !!

    Do hop on over - you will be made most welcome, and be in with a chance to win a Pondlife + Plankton pencil roll with appliqued rabbit. Made out of recycled fabrics and handmade felt, complete with a set of Staedtler pencils.

    Emma x