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Thursday, 4 March 2010


Images of me posing like a muppet....oh the things i do for art:

Inspired by some photos of Twinkie Chan modelling her t-shirt (check out her fab work on Etsy), i decided to re-take pictures of my t-shirts with me modelling them properly rather than the headless shots i'm currently using on my website
Hence the above photos of me pulling silly poses whilst modelling my tees.

Okay so its not as cool as Twinkie Chan but hey I think it works much better and gives a better idea of what the t-shirts look like on.
Thanks to my dear old Dave for taking the photos on my crappy camera and putting up with me umming and arring and generally being indecisive over the million & 1 (well it certainly felt that way) different shots he took. It was worth it i the end.....it think :/

I would love to hear what you think and whether or not you feel these shots work better than the ones on my site. So please feel free to comment.

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