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Friday, 23 May 2014

New brooches

Yippee i'm pleased to say I have finally two new items for my shop which have been in the pipe for what feels like ages now.
A while ago i had some ideas for new brooches and its taken me about four months for me to finally realise them as a) it took a LOT of searching to find local company to laser cut my designs, and b) as per normal i've had several other projects on the go at the same time.

But now finally three prototypes later, I can share the two new finished pieces with you which i originally sneakily posted the designs for here.
Before I reveal all I must thank Jonathan at Laser Cut Hut for being so incredibly helpful and creating the wooden brooches from my designs and here they are in their original unpainted state:

They're cut from oak and made from two component layers.

I then hand-painted them which is a bit of a fiddly process, but in a moment of serendipitous timing I was asked out of the blue by the daylight lighting company if I would like to test out their new MAGnificent lamp in exchange for a guest post on their blog. Of course i practically bit their hand off, particularly as i'd been thinking about getting a lamp anyway.
The light has a built in magnifying glass, created with artists and designers in mind and I used it to make the painting process for these brooches a LOT easier.

I actually don't know how i would have managed without this lamp.

Anyway the brooches are now complete and are available on Etsy and Folksy. Here they are:



Hope you like them. I've got another couple of ideas for designs so depending on how successful these are you might see more in the not too distant future.
I only just realised it was a bank holiday Monday, not that it really makes any difference to me anymore; what with paying myself it will be a typical working day, but I hope you all have a good one.