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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hey there whats new?

Quite a bit as it happens.
Firstly you'll be glad to know this in not another wedding post - woo hoo!! ;)

You may have noticed I don't seem to have been producing many new illustrations recently. Well actually I have been producing new work and LOTS of it, but its all been for a specific job - a visual dictionary for company in Canada.
So over the last 4 months or so i've created around 150 images, everything from sandals to chickens and everything in between. Each week i'm never quite sure what images i'm going to be assigned next so its a bit odd but pretty cool too.  I'll share some of the images with you soon.
This coupled with the part time day job has meant my shop and the creation of any other new illustrations has had to take a back seat.

However in amongst drawing the peanuts, tea bags, alarm clocks. boxing gloves, ice and whatever else is thrown my way, an idea for a new illustration popped into my head which I really wanted to get done and now several weeks later the thing is finally finished.

Being doubly productive this week i've also managed to spend some time opening my Etsy shop up again after a few months downtime, so if you like the new illustration enough, you can bag yourself a print here. Well this is 'Sky Ark' hope you like it: