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Monday, 4 November 2013

Night time rave

Welcome to the last wedding series blog post!
Its a shortie as i've definitely had my fill of wedding posts now :)

Following the bands and an evening buffet, the ballroom where we had the ceremony was opened up again, ready for the night time rave. Dave was keen to get some kind of rave element into the reception given his penchant for techno and pointing out as we go past derelict buildings (particularly warehouses) that 'you could have a rave in there'. 

Our friend did an awesome DJ set for us in the in the ballroom come dance arena, transformed with the aid of fairy lights, disco lights and vehicle recovery light for added old school rave effect.
By this time I was cream crackered, but the music was so ace I managed to dance into the small hours and somehow still in my wellies(?).
Unfortunately with the exception of some fairy lights and LOTS & LOTS of glow sticks, given to guests in a festival goodie bag at the start of the day, it was very dark so there are barely any decent photos. But I do have this rather blurry one of Dave raving it up with the recovery light:

All in all it was a fantastic and fun filled day which I will definitely never forget.

The wedding seems like it was ages ago now but next year we have a belated honeymoon to look forward to courtesy of very generous friends and family who contributed to a 'honeymoon in the sun' funding pot.
Which... brings me onto the last bit of this post. We wanted to say a big thanks for their generosity, so to give them something a bit special made a flick book from a series of photos which worked together perfectly. This is the book...

but as this doesn't exactly give you much of an idea of the flicking action within, I made a gif animation on Photoshop from the same photos and on this page here you can see it for yourself.

I'll be back with a new illustration later this week which I have very nearly completed.

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