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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wedding installment 2 - The Makes

It didn’t take long after accepting the marriage proposal for my mind to jump to all the stuff I could potentially make for the big day….
Hold on, time out!  Before I continue with this post & the remaining installments i’ve just decided, for ease t refer to the wedding day itself as ‘bd’ – (I hope to God, that acronym doesn’t stand for some kind of rude phrase anywhere) short, of course, for ‘big day’!

Ok so back to it, I realized that the 'bd' was the perfect excuse to indulge my making addiction. Woohoop!
Now lets see what did I make:
  • 1x15 foot long vintage bunting created over several sittings, using mostly scraps from an extensive stock of fabric

  • 8 large applique flags with help from a good friend (Binny – thank you). These were put up around the garden in our ‘main stage’ area. Will show some pics from the stage later. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of all of these when we made them & i've since given a few away, but heres a pic of one I still have  -

  • 16 table trees and stands - part of our table decorations. There were 2 trees different per table. A great idea initially but unfortunately they didn’t go quite to plan as the card I used to print the design onto turned out not to be sturdy enough to enable the tree to stand un-aided. I only discovered this after printing all the trees…that’s a lot of printing.
    So the only way to make them stand, was to design & make each one a separate card stand with a lot of help from my now husband…still can’t get used to that word. All in all a hell of a lot of work!

  • Yes and the list goes on.....8 table wigwams & mini flags. Like the trees these were my own designs printed and cut from card. They were then rolled up and the sides sewn together. Each one then had a bbq skewer split and put inside to give them that authentic wigwam look. Then  a little cocktail stick flag with the number of the table drawn on was put in the top of  each tent.

  •  8 lengths of mini bunting which was stretched between the table trees over the wigwams.

  • 2x rainbow raindrop decorations to hang from the trees.

  • Signs – oh hold on now Dave did most of this so I can’t take credit. A must for any festival, otherwise how will people know how to find the 'long drops' after several pints of cider.
    The signs were produced from thick, brown box card as it looked kind of like wood and attached to a wooden garden stake

  • Cloud pinata. Actually again i had minimal involvement in this, as it was Dave's baby. The photo below is of it in the making.
    Soooooo much work went into this giant creation that mentioning it briefly in this post wouldn't really do it justice so i'll come back to this much loved make in the not too distant future: 

Hmm, so  guess I/we got a little carried away - but its a one off right!

P.S. Oh and did I mention the 60 festival programmes/ order of services, the 8 medicine bottle decorations and........okay, ok i'll shut up & go away.

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