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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Folksy Friday - What Makes England Great

Cripes what a week! After all the chaos this week i want to dedicate this post to something I hold close to my heart and I feel others should too that being multiculturalism and diversity.
I know everyone has their own opinions about the causes of riots and i don't want to get into any political debates as I feel like i've ranted enough for quite a while. However i'm concerned that these riots will lead to bigoted people pointing fingers at the black community & other ethnic communities as one of the causes of these awful events - which is bull. They will inevitably add fuel to the fires of those who are just waiting for an excuse to crack open their big box of racism and hate. I'm sure the EDL and other such fascist/racist organisations will be lapping this up.

One of the best things about England, if not THE best thing is its mixed and culturally diverse society. It makes this little Island more vibrant and allows us to take the best bits of all the different cultures and produce great things. This Folksy Friday is about celebrating that.

1. My first find today is this gorgeous snap clutch bag from the Urban Knit Shop. Sure to catch an envious look from your girl friends on a night out:

2. No the summer isn't over yet! Check out this beautiful 'Summer Breeze' bead necklace from the Jova shop. Stunning and very tempting.
Large image

3. This original painting of a Geisha from Japan Corner is lovely and its only £22. For some gorgeous original artwork thats a snip!

Large image

4. I love the colour and pattern on these matching pendant and earring set from Ama Attea. This is another bargain find at £8!

Large image

5. One of the things that really caught my eye is this unusual and wonderful piece of pewter artwork. Its so unique and i've certainly never seen anything like this before. Beautiful!

Large image

6. I have fallen in love with this charming ring which i found in the Chikako jewellery shop. The colours are captivating. Unfortunately the seller is away on holiday so you'll have to wait until they return to get your hands on it :)

Large image

7. Next is this fabulous cushion available from Batik Batik is awesome. The fabric is amazing don't you think?

Large image

8. It took me a while decide between these earrings from Flair Creations or the heart ones also for sale in her shop, which are ace too. You'll just have to take a look in the shop to see what i mean.

Large image

9. This rose hair clip by Yoossi Petite is beautiful and i wanted to buy it to take on holiday with me but unfortunately this seller is away too. Oh well, lets see if i have any money left when i come back.

Well thats all. Lets embrace the wonderful vibrancy of England and celebrate diversity in all its forms.
Happy Friday. x

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  1. Wow, lovely selection. Thank you very for featuring my Mini snap clutch.