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Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Super Giveaway and site updates

The prize draw is now open!
At last i hear you say. Thats exactly what i said in response to the fact its only taken me a solid month to finally sort everything out and launch my first giveaway :/

Still it was worth the wait i think you will agree once you see whats up for grabs. I was debating for a while whether or not keep the robot bag for myself, but decided that instead i'll just make one up in the future - in that parallel universe where i have lots of that thing er what do you call it again? Oh yeah 'time' . Ha ha.

Anyway to find out how you can enter and what you could win get yourself over to my website now and head to the prize draw page which i've made especially:

A well as launching my first prize draw you might notice a change to my opening page. In keeping with the cute i've done a new illustration entitled Lucy's Happy Place which is my new opening page as well as a very lovely (er yes i am biased) new note pad which you can see on the shop page of my site and i've taken a moment to add below:

I'm also having a big bag sale on my website shop to sell off the last few bags i have in stock. The bags on offer are all one offs, never to be repeated again as i'm not making bags as part of my product range anymore because they take an incredibly long amount of time to make.

The last little update is to let you know i have a new system in place for ordering items from my shop which means that people can purchase an item in the shop from a verified website such as Ebay or Etsy, as i understand that some people are a bit hesitant to buy an item from a relatively new site. To find out more see the delivery and order info section on my shop page.

Well thats all for now folks.
Thanks for watching and happy Easter break!

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  1. Hi, saw your stuff on Creative Boom, it's great, it made me smile! Do you mind me asking, do you send your prints out to be done by a company or do you do them on a regular printer at home? I'm thinking about setting up a shop, so I'm doing a bit of research first, thanks in advance!