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Friday, 27 June 2014

High Tea

Recently our friend Andy gave my husband (I still hate saying that word) a book for his birthday - Nicey and Wifey's 'A Cup of Tea and a Nice Sit Down'. I was intrigued by this particularly the biscuits section in the later half, being a fan of biscuits...well lets face it who isn't? Its an amusing read,  and it kind of inspired a new tea based illustration.
I wanted to do a series of new greetings cards/ prints for my online shop but also with a view to submitting designs to Phoenix Trading and some other card companies. I'm aiming to have six in total to replace the current designs I have online.
So 'Tea with Moon' is one i've just finished & i also intend to have it for sale as a print very soon.

I'm half way through the next planned design & here it is in it's pencil drawing phase:

I'm hoping to finish the painting today, but i'm taking 1/2 a day off to go on a weekend trip to the Lake District to celebrate mine & the other half's 10th (YES 10th!) year since meeting.
Yes as all those lucky folks wake up at Glastonbury Festival, i remember 10 years ago waking up in a semi-muddy field to find someone had hijacking half of my tent pegs by pitching their ten right next to mine. Little did i know that would be my future husband (ahh i hate that word).


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